- b e a u t i f u l * d i s a s t e r - (_xocrazechikox_) wrote in thehottiegottis,
- b e a u t i f u l * d i s a s t e r -

hey everyone =) so yeah i was just eatin dinner + reading the newspaper when i came across this in the Daily News, in Rush + Molloy (an article that talks about celebrities + gossip)

" What young reality TV star may be hiding something from his famous family? The obsessively groomed young man been spotted at several private gay parties around the city.."

im ALMOST positive there talking about Carmine :o\ .. i could be wrong but the "obsessively groomed" made me think it was deffinately him. who knoes!? i mean he has had lots of g/f's so its prolly just all bullshit that the newspaper makes up. i was jus wondering if u guys had heard nethin about this?

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